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Case study- Integrating Game Economy and Social Initiatives with Metaverse


In the realm of Web 3, which is often likened to a cold winter of opportunities, many individuals perceive it as an auspicious time to venture into the market. Regarding metaverse agents, we have constructed distinct metaverse spaces tailored to various industries, projects, and needs. Today, we will delve into the intricacies of #Wistaverse.

Irrespective of considerations such as brand reputation, product sales, or thematic endeavors, significant investments in advertising and publicity are necessary. With the evolution of the internet and the swift dissemination of information, social movements, and thematic initiatives have flourished. Amid the vast sea of traditional advertisements, which consists of countless messages, only a fraction manages to be remembered, appreciated, and profoundly comprehended.

Numerous international non-governmental organizations, advocacy groups, and individuals have responded to these initiatives in various ways. Wistaverse, a startup group from France, has entered The Sandbox to establish a universe of initiatives within the Metaverse. This endeavor grants a fresh and imaginative dimension to the topic at hand — immersing users in a gaming experience that etches itself into their memories, surpassing the impact of a mere report or video, and ensuring that your message is received.

In simple terms, once users enter the game, they are entrusted with a “task” that compels them to embrace their responsibilities, leaving no room for escape.

One of the most challenging aspects of social movements lies in conveying the values or rights one seeks to champion to individuals who may not be familiar with the issue. However, when users are faced with a game task, the message intended to be conveyed may be explicit or direct.

Our Role in the Market: Bridging Brands to the Youth and Promoting Important Issues

Our role extends beyond assisting brands in penetrating the younger market. Equally significant is our ability to leverage our team’s animation, design, and platform expertise to engage in immersive experiences while wholeheartedly promoting essential matters. The collaboration with Wistaverse marks the beginning of our planned series of game experiences for the latter half of this year. Following the imminent launch of Ecoland in Q4, we champion environmental sustainability and animal conservation. Not only have we created our own intellectual property, but the NFTs we have developed also serve as a crucial income source for our donations to tree protection organizations. As the year draws to a close, PANtopia, a game experience centered around LGBTQ themes, will also be unveiled to the public.

In 2023, capturing the audience’s attention is no easy feat. Therefore, let us embark on endeavors that resonate with everyone’s concerns.

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