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Chord Hero Music Gallery NFT drop

Chord Hero Music Gallery NFT drop

Support Chord Hero NFT drop to sustain in grooming young creators! 

#ChordHeroMusicGallery was launched on The Sandbox until Feb 28 during the #LunarNewYearEvent, the experience consisted of #playtolearn on #ukulele, as well as a ukulele design gallery. The ukulele designs were created by kindergarten and elementary school students, which they also voxelized to be showcased in the gallery and for the NFT drop on #TheSandbox #Marketplace. The value of these creations is not only sustained but also permanent. This NFT sale will be donated to Hong Kong Society For Education In Art (HKSEA) to sustain their projects in nurturing new generations with creative minds and aesthetic sense by providing professional training and support to art teachers.  Chord Hero dedicates to making music learning both enjoyable and affordable for everyone. With their Maker Set, users can build, personalize, and customize their instruments, then learn through their apps in a fun way. Now with The Sandbox experience, Chord Hero not only introduces more about the ukulele through different missions but also offers an opportunity for children to incorporate Web 3 technology to transform their design into NFTs, showcasing their work to the world and gaining their first experience with digital ownership and the Metaverse.  Purchase now at #TheSandbox market place : about Chord Hero Music Gallery :

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