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Metaverse 101 #1- Join The Sandbox with PANGU

Updated: Sep 28, 2023

After officially renaming itself as Meta on Facebook, everyone has heard of the term “metaverse” to some extent. So what exactly is the “metaverse”? Let PANGU guide you today

What exactly is the “metaverse”?

If you have ever watched the movie “Ready Player One,” the virtual game world called the “Oasis” is a great example. There isn’t a definitive definition of the metaverse, but at its most fundamental level, it can be explained as:

A virtual world established on the internet, which has an independent economic system, and users can create their own avatars within it and possess or even create digital assets, including but not limited to land, currency, and objects.

Such a virtual space that resembles a second world is known as the metaverse. And #The Sandbox is currently one of the most popular metaverse gaming platforms.

What is The Sandbox ?

The Sandbox is a metaverse gaming platform that focuses on game experiences and community interaction, allowing creators to build game experiences and create three-dimensional voxel virtual assets within the platform.

In The Sandbox’s economic system, users can use its native virtual currency called “SAND” to buy and sell various assets, including virtual land, avatars (player characters), equipment, wearables, and more.

Creators can earn income through their creations, while regular players and users can also obtain assets and earnings for free through reward mechanisms, achieving the concept of “Play to Earn.”

The Sandbox, along with creators and partnering brands, frequently organizes various activities. During these events, users have the opportunity to earn valuable virtual assets from The Sandbox for free by completing all the tasks within the game experience.

Why not join us and step into this new world of the metaverse ahead of others?

How to enter The Sandbox metaverse?

Step 1:

Go to The Sandbox official website and click on “Create Account” located in the top right corner.

Step 2:

Choose your preferred login method. In addition to the common login options such as Email, Google, and Facebook, you can also choose to log in directly using a Wallet (virtual wallet).

Step 3:

Enter your account username and password. Your password must be at least 8 characters long and include both letters and numbers.

If you only want to experience the game without any further intentions, such as earning SAND, then you can stop at this step and proceed to the Events Map page to start your metaverse journey!

To learn how to set up your avatar and how to access the game map, you can visit the “The Sandbox Features Overview” for more information.

How to enter The Sandbox economics?

As mentioned earlier, The Sandbox has its own independent economic system and a Play to Earn game mechanism. If you wish to participate in it, there are two final steps:

  1. Connect your virtual wallet: Once you have created an account on The Sandbox, you will need to link your virtual wallet to your account. This will allow you to manage your digital assets, including SAND and other in-game items.

  2. Complete KYC verification: To ensure a secure and compliant environment, The Sandbox may require users to complete a Know Your Customer (KYC) verification process. This typically involves providing personal identification documents to verify your identity. Once you successfully complete the KYC process, you will have full access to the economic features of The Sandbox.

*Play to Earn: It means earning rewards by playing The Sandbox and completing in-game tasks to acquire virtual assets.


Click on the coin icon located at the top right corner of The Sandbox official website, and then click on “Connect Your Wallet.”

Step5 .

Choose the virtual wallet you prefer to use, log in to your wallet account, and authorize The Sandbox to connect with your wallet.


Click on your account name located at the top right corner of The Sandbox official website, and then click on “General Settings.”


Click on “Account Validation” on the left side of the page to enter that section, and then click on “Start Verification.”

What is KYC verification? It stands for Know Your Customer, which is a process of verifying the real identity of users. It is implemented to prevent The Sandbox from being flooded with fake accounts and bots and to ensure fair participation in giveaways and contests. This verification measure requires users to provide their genuine identity and personal information in order to establish a trusted and secure environment.

Step8. After clicking on “Start Verification,” open the link on your mobile device or scan the QR code provided. Follow the instructions on your mobile device to capture a facial photo and upload your identification document. This will complete the

KYC verification process.

The KYC verification process is typically completed within 48 hours. Once

approved, you will be eligible to receive Play to Earn rewards. That concludes the registration tutorial. In the next article, we will further explore The Sandbox’s gaming experience and guide you on how to enter the game and create your own avatar. The above is the registration tutorial. In the next article, we will take you further into understanding The Sandbox’s gaming experience and guide you on ho

w to enter the game and create your own avatar.

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