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Metaverse 101 #2- The Sandbox Game Play Intro

Following the previous tutorial on registering for The Sandbox, in this article, PANGU is going to introduce common terminology and basic features of The Sandbox’s official website!

Before diving into gameplay, let’s first familiarize ourselves with several commonly used terms related to The Sandbox gaming experience.


In The Sandbox it refers to the game experiences created by users on the virtual land. Users have the freedom to edit and create their own gaming experience


During events, multiple XP experiences will be released simultaneously, and the content of these experiences usually revolves around the theme of the event, such as French Weeks, the Lunar New Year Event, and more. The experiences within the event will also be featured as recommended works for that period and often come with accompanying giveaway activities.


To participate in The Sandbox’s giveaway and gift activities, you typically need to complete a certain number of game missions. The giveaways in The Sandbox generally fall into two categories:

  1. Open to Wallet Holders with KYC Verification: In this type of giveaway, all you need is to have a wallet and pass the KYC (Know Your Customer) verification process.

  2. Require Ownership of Specific Virtual Assets: The second type of giveaway requires you to possess specific virtual assets to be eligible to participate.

Obtain a wallet and pass KYC verification>>Metaverse 101 #1- Join The Sandbox

Alpha Season

The Sandbox holds quarterly events during which a large number of high-quality XP experiences are released. These events are accompanied by larger-scale giveaway activities. Alpha Season 4 is scheduled to be launched around September or October 2023. During this season, players can expect an exciting lineup of new experiences and engaging giveaways.


Event Progress in The Sandbox refers to the tasks or missions within the game experience. On the giveaway activity page, you can see the amount of EP (Experience Points) required to participate in a specific draw. In certain events, the EP required to complete can come from a single XP experience, while in larger events, it may require completing multiple XP experiences to meet the requirements.

How to view the current game experiences and event

To view the current game experiences and events, you can access the “Events” page on the official website by using the tabs on the left side. In this section, you can find the recommended activities currently featured by The Sandbox, allowing you to quickly get an overview of the Play to Earn list.

When you access the event introduction page, taking the example of the 2023 May Festival, you will see a detailed textual description of the event. On the right side, you can find the event dates (5/11–6/12), the EP completion status (requiring 200 EPs, with the current progress at 175/200), and information about the eligibility for the giveaway and the prizes included in the giveaway.

If you want to have a clearer overview of all the currently available game experiences, you can follow these steps:

  1. On the top menu, click on the “Events Map” tab.

  2. You will be directed to a map page composed of blocks, with each icon representing an XP experience.

  3. The black and white icons represent upcoming experiences, while the colored ones represent the experiences that are already available.

  4. Select an icon on the map, and the introduction panel for that experience will open on the right side.

  5. Click on the “Play” button at the bottom right to start playing.

If you haven’t installed The Sandbox game client on your computer, you will see an installation shortcut button. Depending on your computer system, download and install The Sandbox by following the provided instructions. Once the installation is complete, go back to the game map page and click on the “Play” button. Now, you can embark on your journey in the metaverse!

Currently, The Sandbox only supports gameplay on desktop and laptop devices, including Windows and macOS. It does not support mobile device gameplay at the moment. However, supporting mobile devices is one of the development goals for The Sandbox in the future. Please note that The Sandbox currently only supports PC gameplay on Windows and macOS, and mobile device support is part of their development objectives.


When playing any game in The Sandbox, there is always a character that represents the player and performs all activities within the game. This character is called an Avatar. The Avatar is the embodiment of the user in The Sandbox, allowing players to explore the metaverse using their preferred appearance.

So, how can you choose your own Avatar? From the tabs on the left side of The Sandbox’s official website, open the Avatar page. In the selection window tab, choose “Create” and you will see the official default templates, including options for the head, upper body, lower body, shoes, and skin color. Assemble these components to create the desired appearance for your Avatar.

Once you have finished assembling your Avatar and clicked on “Save Changes,” your customized Avatar will be stored in the “My Avatars” tab.

In addition to customizing your own Avatar, you can also visit the in-game store to purchase Avatars created by creators or major brands. These types of Avatars may come with unique animated actions, making your Avatar stand out from the rest.


▲Rabbids Lunar New Year Avatars

▲Hell’s Kitchen

Since Avatars can be bought and sold, they are indeed considered one of the “virtual assets” within The Sandbox. In the next article, I will guide you through understanding virtual assets and how to purchase them.

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