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Metaverse 101 #5- The Sandbox Gameplay Hotkeys

After reading The Sandbox Game play tutorial, now we are taking you inside the game. Even you are newbies for games, you will be able to understand all the tricks and hotkeys.

To start the game, first go to The Sandbox’s official website. Use the tabs on the left to access the “Events” page. In this section, you can find the events currently recommended by The Sandbox.

You can enter the game experience page based on the event you want to participate in or click on the “Events Map” tab at the top to access the map page and see all the currently open game experiences.

This page will have a map composed of blocks, and each icon represents an XP (experience). Black and white icons indicate XP that will be available soon, while colored icons represent XP already open for gameplay.

To select an XP and access its description, click on the icon on the map. Then, click the “Play” button in the bottom right corner to start playing.

(If you haven’t download The Sandbox software in your computer, there will be an notification guide you to download it)

The game will open The Sandbox, so please be patient and wait for it to load completely. Once it’s loaded, you can start playing!

The gameplay in The Sandbox XP experiences is primarily composed of various missions.

Most of the missions will be indicated by icons. When a player is within a certain range of the mission objective (as defined by the game designer), a prompt icon will appear.

In addition to the icon prompts, there will also be mission descriptions in the right-hand side mission list. So, if you’re unsure about what you should be doing for your current mission, you can read the mission description and try to reach the location indicated by the icon.

Tutorials for keys

Basic movements

  1. WASD controls the character’s movement direction.

  2. The mouse controls the player’s viewpoint.

  3. The spacebar is used for jumping.

  1. Hold Shift to run. Character movement in The Sandbox is divided into “walking,” “fast walking,” and “running.” When you hold down the Shift key while moving, the character will start running, and when you release it, the character will return to the default speed.

  2. 【`】 key to switch the default movement speed. Press the 【`】key on the keyboard (located to the left of 1, above Tab) to directly switch the character’s default speed.

  1. Press [Shift]once to roll. Using rolling strategically in combat can help you evade attacks from opponents.

  2. Press [C] once to crouch, and Hold C to go prone. After your character goes prone, you can access certain areas that were previously impassable, which can assist in completing levels.

  1. While running, single-click the C key to slide. While running, you can perform a slide by single-clicking the C key. Some sloped terrain may also force your character into a sliding state!

  2. Climbing XP designers usually provide hints in the game environment. When you’re unsure where to go, carefully observe the scene for clues.

Interact to the hints

  1. Press the E key for all interactions, including talking, picking up items, activating mechanisms, and more.

  2. When you approach an interactive object, interaction prompts will appear.


  1. Left-click of the mouse to perform attacks.

  2. Hold the left mouse button for a charged attack, which can deal more damage and stun enemies.

  1. Right-click the mouse to perform defense.

  2. Perfect defense PARRY: Perform defense at the moment the enemy attacks to trigger a perfect defense, causing the enemy to enter a stunned state.

If you’re having difficulty dealing damage to tougher enemies, you can try using charged attacks. If you’re still unable to inflict damage, observe your surroundings to find a way to break their invincibility or find a vulnerability.

Interact with NPCs

There are some default character animations in the game that can enhance your gaming experience. For example:

  1. Press X to sit down. Take a seat wherever you like, take some interesting pictures, and share them with the community!

  1. Long-press T to bring up the action menu and use the mouse to make selections. The menu is divided into three tabs: “Actions,” “General,” and “Dance,” each containing 10–12 different actions. Try out all the actions in the game!

Inventory Interface

Click【I】to open your backpack

  1. Categories All collectible items are divided into three types: “Weapons,” “Equipment,” and “Quest Items.” Click here to view items of each type.

  2. Items Click to select an item, and double-click to equip it.

  3. Item Description After selecting an item, you can view its details here.

  4. Equip (Shortcut: A) In addition to double-clicking an item to equip it, you can also select an item and click “Assign” to equip it. Clicking again will unequip it.

  5. Drop (Shortcut: D) Select an item and click “Drop” to remove it from your inventory.

  6. Preview You can see your character’s equipment status here.

  7. Character Stats Attributes attached to equipped items will affect your character’s stats, which you can view here.

  8. Close Inventory (Shortcut: Esc) Click to close the inventory and return to the game screen.

System settings

In the game screen, pressing the Esc key will bring up the system menu.

  1. RESUME: Clicking this option allows you to continue playing the game.

You can also close the system menu by pressing the Esc key again.

  1. OPTIONS — System Settings Page

  2. AUDIO: Here, you can adjust the game’s sound effects and background music.

  3. VIDEO: This section allows you to change the game’s window type (full screen/windowed) and resolution.

  4. GAMEPLAY: Adjust the mouse sensitivity and your preferred camera angle movement.

CONTROLS: Access the list of controls and keybindings in this section.

  1. REPORT BUG If you encounter any issues while playing the game, you can report them to The Sandbox by writing a letter or sending a message through the provided channels for customer support or feedback. They will likely have a system in place to receive and address player feedback and concerns.

The above are some relatively common game operations. Finally, let’s introduce some relatively special “commands.”

Chatbox Commands

In The Sandbox, players can press the Enter key on the keyboard to bring up the chat window and enter commands to quickly perform various actions from the backend. Here are some commonly used commands:

  1. /respawn: Teleports you back to the respawn point. Use this command when you’re stuck in terrain or don’t want to run back through the map.

  2. /instances: In multiplayer XP (experiences), players are divided into different rooms to ensure a smooth experience. You can use this command to check the number of rooms, room IDs, and your current room location in the current XP. Each room can accommodate up to 40 players.

  3. /join [instance-id]: Use the room ID obtained from the previous command to jump to a different room. This is useful when you want to meet up with friends who are playing but can’t find each other.

  4. /w [username] [message]: The in-game chat is visible to all channels, but this command allows you to send a private message (message) to a specific player (username).

That concludes this Metaverse 101 guide, and I hope it helps you get started with The Sandbox! If you have any further questions, feel free to join the PANGU Discord community and ask us there!

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