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PANGU Brings #Singapore National Day Parade 2023 Celebration to The Sandbox Metaverse!

(Mandarin version in the bottom)

Singapore, we are here! We are thrilled to announce that PANGU has been appointed to create The Sandbox metaverse experience for the National Day Parade 2023 (#NDP2023) NDPeeps

National Day Parade holds immense significance as it marks not only a national festival of jubilation but also represents the dreams, passions, and aspirations of all Singaporeans.

We are extremely honored to partner with NDP 2023 to build a vibrant, diverse, and innovative celebration space on The Sandbox platform for this grand occasion. As the official studio of The Sandbox, we are grateful for the recognition received for our past works, particularly the success during Alpha Season 3, where our game experience ranked among the #top10 globally. This collaboration marks a significant milestone for PANGU and opens a new chapter for us in #Singapore.

The National Day Parade 2023 is a momentous event in Singapore, symbolizing both the celebration of independence and the “#As#One” spirit. With the support of the Singapore Government, this year’s NDP celebration in The Sandbox Metaverse aims to extend the National Day atmosphere to people both at home and abroad. By blending the highlight of the parade with the metaverse, the celebration will not only promote Singapore’s pride and traditions, but also the society with kind, caring, and big heart.

Access to the NDP 2023 Metaverse Celebration will be available to #everyone through a free The Sandbox account by the end of #July. The Sandbox is a virtual world where players can build, own, and monetize their gaming experiences in the Ethereum blockchain, which users can easily access through a PC or laptop. Thanks to its UGC ecosystem and engaging gaming experiences to the audience, The Sandbox had already gained 1 million unique users by 2022. PANGU and The Sandbox are set to create an unparalleled immersive experience for the NDP 2023. Participants worldwide will be able to join in and celebrate the diversity that forms the basis and fabric of Singaporean identity and resilience as a nation.

PANGU 將 2023 #新加坡國慶慶典 搬上The Sandbox 元宇宙 #UniteAsOneSG

新加坡我們來了!在此隆重宣佈 2023 新加坡國慶慶典 National Day Parade (NDP) 正式與PANGU合作打造NDP The Sandbox 元宇宙!

NDP在新加坡不僅是舉國歡騰的節日,更象徵著全體新加坡國民的驕傲與努力。PANGU十分榮幸能與NDP官方合作,為這個歡聲雷動的節慶在The Sandbox上建造一個共好、多元、新穎的歡慶空間。身為The Sandbox官方studio,我們十分感謝PANGU過去的作品受到NDP的肯定,特別是繼Alpha Season 3,我們的遊戲體驗與全球studio競爭之下登上前十名。這著實是PANGU的另一個里程碑,也為我們在新加坡開啟全新的篇章。

National Day Parade是新加坡每年最重要的慶典,除了慶祝新加坡獨立,也象徵著新加坡的團結。本次的NDP慶典,在新加坡政府的支持下,透過The Sandbox 元宇宙的形式,將能讓更多海內外的民眾一起感受國慶氛圍。結合NDP慶典特色與活動的元宇宙,不僅讓新加坡的驕傲與傳統得以宣揚,也透過全新的形式讓世界看見新加坡的實力與多元共融的文化特色。

7 月底,所有人都可以免費The Sandbox 帳戶進入NDP的元宇宙慶典。The Sandbox是一個基於區塊鏈技術構建的虛擬遊戲世界,用戶只需要透過PC或筆記型電腦就能立即體驗。 The Sandbox 憑藉著用戶生成內容的生態系統和引人入勝的遊戲體驗,用戶已在 2022 年已達到 100 萬。相信The Sandbox能為NDP帶來元宇宙前所未有的沉浸式體驗,而NDP也將透過The Sandbox,讓全球玩家一起歡度2023年新加坡人最熱血份沸騰的慶典!

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