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PANGU Ecoland- Blending gaming and sustainability, the perfect demonstration of realizing…

#Casestudy- PANGU Ecoland

PANGU Ecoland represents one of our intellectual property creations within The Sandbox, serving as a precursor to the PANGUverse.

Following the upheaval of the PANGUverse, the inhabitants sought refuge in Ecoland, yet the initial tranquility gave way to chaos due to the presence of ominous machinery. The PANGUverse consists of realms representing light, darkness, wood, water, and fire, each possessing unique resources that often spark conflicts. Ecoland, an untainted realm, boasts plentiful resources, although prosperity isn’t constant. Within the game, players are required to combat dark machinery and undertake missions to rescue endangered animals in order to accomplish their objectives.

PANGU Ecoland draws inspiration from the captivating landscapes of Madagascar and the diverse array of root plants found there. Among these root plants, there is a particular species that embodies the essence of perseverance, possessing its own distinct beauty and symbolism. The game map is brimming with numerous hidden highlights, while the characters, inspired by these root plants, serve as the game’s standout features.

Character images derived from baobab tree, elephant foot sumac tree, and cloth wind flower

Deriving inspiration, designing the models, and constructing the game

From, the distinctive plants and landscapes served as a wellspring of creativity. These elements inspired the creation of a truly unique intellectual property character, while The Sandbox’s creation software endowed the character with its distinctive voxel pixel appearance. PANGU Ecoland showcases the intricacy and texture of voxel design, unveiling the boundless possibilities inherent in voxel-style aesthetics.

Collaboration across different industries involving the application of science, technology, and plants.

PANGU Ecoland stands out as not just the pioneering metaverse that seamlessly incorporates plants but also as a premier platform for online and offline promotion. CJ Plant, a root plant greenhouse in Taiwan Taichung, is a cherished destination for enthusiasts of root plants and succulents from both local and international backgrounds. The collaboration with CJ Plant facilitates a virtual-real integration by bringing offline stores into the metaverse. This collaboration not only enhances the visibility of physical stores but also provides gamers with the opportunity to engage with plants that they may rarely encounter in their daily lives.

Sustainability — the idea and the future

The game experience serves as our means of communication with users, and our mission and development goal revolves around fostering ongoing communication for sustainable growth. The collaboration with reptile and dolphin NGOs enriches the overall gaming experience. In the realm of owning plants and pets as a lifestyle choice, we should prioritize “sustainability” as a crucial aspect to consider in our consumption patterns.

PANGU Ecoland NFT — Embrace the Nature

NFT, which stands for Non-Fungible Token, signifies that each NFT possesses an exclusive serial number that cannot be duplicated or divided. For every NFT sold, we pledge to donate a tree. Just as we advocate for sustainable values, each distinctive NFT you hold symbolizes a tree we have planted on Earth, aligning with our commitment to environmental preservation.

PANGU NFT — Limited Sales Extended until 8/31

In addition to the tree donation for every NFT purchased, we are excited to offer the chance to acquire 3D printed dolls and personalized avatars. We eagerly anticipate the continued support of all players on The Sandbox platform, as your unwavering encouragement drives us forward in all our endeavors.

Stay Connected with PANGU

Within our vibrant community, users can expect insightful discussions on Web 3 education, introductions to The Sandbox platform, sustainability initiatives, LGBTQ rights advocacy, and the educational applications of the Metaverse.

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