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“The Sandbox and Hong Kong McDonald’s — Exciting Ripples Created by an International Fast-Food…

  1. “Hong Kong McDonald’s M2O2O Campaign Analysis (Metaverse to Online to Offline)

  2. How PANGU by Kenal Earned Brand Recognition

In celebration of the 40th anniversary of McNuggets, Hong Kong McDonald’s partnered with The Sandbox to launch McNuggets Land. Executed from production to launch by PANGU by Kenal, let’s delve into this special and exciting case. In Hong Kong McDonald’s 40th-anniversary campaign, they not only created a brand-new Voxel image for McNuggets characters but also constructed a series of user interactions and communications from offline, online to Web3 gaming. The Sandbox has over 50 studios worldwide like PANGU, capable of designing metaverse games. PANGU, leveraging Kenal Group’s resources, also arranged offline experiential equipment for McDonald’s.”

Metaverse — McDonald’s Increases Fan Engagement Through Play-to-Earn

In this campaign, McDonald’s introduced a reward pool worth 345,000 Hong Kong Dollars in SAND tokens on The Sandbox platform. (SAND is the virtual currency introduced by The Sandbox, similar to other cryptocurrencies and tradable on the market.) Registered users who played online also had the chance to win the highly talked-about ‘Free McNuggets for 365 Days’ offer. Players not only received rewards in virtual currency but could also redeem physical discounts offline. The synergy between the metaverse and the offline world brought players closer to the brand from different perspectives.

Online — Interactive Filters on Social Media (IG)

As part of this campaign, Hong Kong McDonald’s introduced interactive filters on Instagram. While organized by Hong Kong McDonald’s, it attracted players from both local and international audiences, eager to participate.

Offline — McDonald’s Admiralty Store AR Interactive Game Experience and Art Exhibition

Source: Mcdonald’s HK Facebook

IP Remodeling and Trend Shifting

In this project, PANGU by Kenal gained the favor of The Sandbox and Hong Kong McDonald’s. We pixelated the original characters and designed game levels to allow players to experience the fun side of the McNuggets Land. We prefer to create the metaverse in a way that’s different from reality. For the 40th anniversary of McNuggets, we used our park theme to package the experience. This included sections like a game zone designed as a production line, an art gallery for displays, a restaurant, and a Pool Party area.

Various games centered around McNuggets, utilizing shapes and even character traits for creation. Players can visit, play games, learn various trivia about McNuggets, and participate in real-world exhibition-related activities.

Although the theme is McNuggets, we also attempted to integrate various McDonald’s food items into the park. For example, you can find Big Mac swimming pools and french fry potted plants, among other interesting artistic elements.

McDonald’s has been rooted in Hong Kong since 1975, and it has been 48 years since then. In the hearts of many, McDonald’s is a well-known brand and a source of cherished childhood memories. For PANGU, serving such a prominent brand is a highly rewarding endeavor. The creation of McNuggets® Land for Hong Kong McDonald’s® and The Sandbox is a special event designed to celebrate the 40th anniversary of McNuggets®. Through creative game level design, players embark on a series of McNuggets-themed challenges in the metaverse, together seeking beautiful memories and discovering various surprises related to McNuggets.”

Key Take Away for our readers

The term ‘Generation Alpha’ refers to children born after 2010. They have grown up in a world where social media, short videos, and digital advertising are the norm, making them the most tech-savvy and digitally inclined generation. In this rapidly changing information landscape, communicating messages through The Sandbox gaming experience not only provides the recipients with immersive experiences but also targets a relatively young audience due to the nature of Web 3. Choosing The Sandbox platform is a guarantee of reaching a youthful demographic.

Our commitment to sustainability and win-win practices in our daily lives extends to the metaverse, especially considering that many Web 3 users are quite young. All our gaming experiences, objects, games, and promotions on The Sandbox adhere to high standards and are designed to be inclusive for everyone.”

About PANGU by Kenal

PANGU is part of the Kenal Group, with offices in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Singapore. Established in 2021, PANGU is now the official representative of The Sandbox in Hong Kong and Taiwan. We specialize in developing metaverse games for brand clients and planning M2O2O marketing strategies. Additionally, we are independent IP creators. Our creation, PANGU Ecoland, focuses on environmental conservation and sustainability, while PANtopia is Asia’s first LGBTQ metaverse, aimed at contributing to LGBTQ equality through the metaverse. Our goal is to create a sustainable Web 3 community. We invest a significant amount of time in Web3 education and workshops.

PANGU’s parent company, Kenal Group, established in 2008, is a diversified creative design company that provides comprehensive marketing solutions for various international brands, including Hennessy, Moët & Chandon Champagne, Baileys Irish Cream, Grand Marnier, Johnnie Walker Scotch Whisky, Nestlé Tea, Nestlé Coffee, Heinz, and Konica Minolta, among others.

Given our background, we can bridge the virtual and real worlds for our clients, connecting metaverse activities with real-life events. We call this the M2O2O solution, or the reverse, O2O2M. Our vision for the metaverse is one of self-regulation, self-governance, and sustainability, putting more control in the hands of creators and individuals.

To learn more about PANGU by Kenal and our M2O2O marketing cases, you can visit our casestudy pages Contact us:

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